The death of isaac

The death of isaac

English homework Introduction Summary At the beginning, the author writes the death of a child who succumbs under horrible conditions. Indeed, it was the first baby to die from whooping cough in the United States for three years. This death could have been avoided if the parents who are members of an Amish community hadn’t reject using vaccines and drugs. After some historical explication, the narrator who visits an Amish village describes their conditions of living. Amish don’t want poisons put into their bodies by doctors, so polio, diphtheria, tetanus and even measles are potential killers for them.

The only explication is that it was god’s will and this painful experience will not change the mind of the other members. At the end, the author presents two different concepts. On the one hand, they have a particular lifestyle and reject the injection of any foreign substance. This aspect is negative because it concerns their health, but on the other hand, they are no drinking, no driving and no drugs. The Amish don’t use violence and chemicals and are their farms are the most productive in the USA. The author who finished on a positive aspect wants to weigh up the pros and

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What is the goal of the text? The goal of the text is to show that lifestyle of Amish people are different as ours. In fact, they seek to limit contact with the outside world, and value a rural life. For instance, they have no TV, no phone, and no music. The narrator wants also to show us the positive and the negative aspect of their living condition. The text invites us to reflect on what is better between living simply or as our society which use alcohol and drugs. These two plagues cause undoubtedly much more death than by the Amish.

To conclude, we can say that the author wants that we use our critical spirit about the habits of each one. What do you think of the Amish communities? To answer to the question, we must initially give the definition of a sect. Indeed, sects are groups of people having activities opposed to the general point of view of big communities. They use mind control and devious recruiting techniques to manipulate its followers. Moreover, a cult is easy to spot because members wear strange clothes and live in communes.

It is exactly the case of Amish people. They reject the modern way of life as too technological, too liberal and too individualistic. They must obey to strict rules and laws, and if a member breaks a rule he is usually punished by “shunning”. Besides these organizations use mental manipulation like brainwashing and are led by leader. As far as I’m concerned I think that we can consider Amish as a “small” sect. I use the adjective “small” because I think that they aren’t dangerous like other cult (scientology for instance).