Teacher packing heat at school

Teacher packing heat at school

Teachers packing heat at school The article that I chose is entitled “Teachers packing heat at school”. It has been published on August, 26, 2008. This article is talking about weapons and guns at school. This year, in Harrold (Texas), a new law authorizes teachers to carry guns to school. In fact, this is the first time in the United States that guns are allowed in classrooms. This situation creates tensions. One part of the parents feels shock about it and is scary, whereas another one feels confident and reassured. My first opinion about it is that is not normal.

Nowadays, a conscious State as Texas shouldn’t allow teachers to pack guns to school, and any other state neither. This law is supposed to assure protection of the children, teachers and anyone who is working at school. I think there are a kind of unconsciousness and a real lack of sense of responsibilities. This is more dangerous than anything else. Guns are not toys. Some teachers react about that. Here is their answer: “We will pay attention”. But for me, this is not enough. Accidents can happen so fast. And one day, someone can decide to use his weapon just for fun,

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or even to fight.

It could be terrible. Children can be scared to be surrounded by weapons all day long. Parents can feel uncomfortable by the idea that their children could be hurt at least accidently. In the United States, weapons, guns, firearms are allowed in the streets, and I am bit afraid of that, because I am not used to it. In France, they are not. But, we can note that the rate of tragedies, because of guns, is much more important in the United States than in France. Why?! The first answer is that people can’t have a free use for this kind of equipments in France.

The government pays attention. People get conscious of the danger and the police officers work to make people safe. Without guns, everyone is equal and more in security. Problems are not obliterated but they are just less important. And that is why people can walk more safely in the streets. Of course, this is my opinion and my choice. People can disagree with me. Maybe one day, I will change my point of view. But for the moment, as a teenager of seventeen years old, I care about that because I care about life and the future.