Neslon mandela (en anglais)

Neslon mandela (en anglais)

Nelson Mandela His biography : Nelson Mandela was born on 06/18/1992 in Mvezo, a little village of the south of South Africa. When he was sixteen, Nelson is initiated to become a man according to the local custom. He was a talented pupil and he got into Fort Hare, a famous university which formed future managers… It was there that Mandela understood the real situation of blacks in South Africa. Detailed as representative of students council, he began his first struggles against white administration so powerfully that it caused his expulsion of the university. In 1942 he got his law degree.

During this period he met two militants of the ANC (African National Congress ) and of the South African Communist Party who introduced him into the movement against apartheid. After he was totally invested for the liberation of his nation. Mandela, become blacks’ lawyer, was arrested in 1952 but he didn’t do the 9 months of hard labor. He travelled in Africa and in United Kingdom. After Sharpeville massacre in 1960 he created a weapon underground movement named “ Umkhonto we Sizwe “. In 1964 he was sentenced to jail for life for sabotage and high treason. He stagnated 26 years

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in jail and he ecame the most famous political prisoner. When he left jail, he undertook deals with white government which come to the end of the apartheid and to the franchise for all for president election. He was awarded of the Nobel peace price in 1993. In 1994 he was elected as the first black president of South Africa, office which the left five years later. And he retired from political and public life. But when he thinks that it’s necessary he intervenes like in 2004 for the Irak war. He is very listening and especially by African presidents. Since 2003 he has been fighting against aids.

Nelson Mandela is now, like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, an universal conscience and a world-wide icon of liberty and freedom. His autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom “, published in 1995, tells his life from his childhood to his accession to the power. My opinion : I chose Nelson Mandela because , according to me, he is someone that all the people in the world know. As I said before, he is a world-wide icon of liberty and freedom. He spent his life to fight against apartheid and he succeeded . And he’s still alive but, even if he is old, he is listening and he inspires admiration and respect.