London 2nd

London 2nd

Attractions in London You like height and magnificent panoramas ? Go to the London Eye ! It was the most impressive big wheel of the world, since its creation in March 2000. It is visited by more than 3,5 million people a year. It offers a very big panorama, we can admire London at 40 km around, and all this in only 30 minutes. ? You like Antiquity and the history of paraohs ? Go to the British Museum ! Free since 1753, its very big collection of objects included a collection of Antiquity to our days. Among the permanent exhibitions, we can count Egypt, Rome and Prehistory.

You like modern art ? See the paintings and sculptures of the Tate Modern ! It is the national museum of modern art. It is situated in an old power station. The museum has a collection which dates from 1900 to our days, including works of Matisse or Picasso. You would like to see your favourite idols ? See their statues at Madame Tussauds ! It is the equivalent of the Grevin’s museum in France. Since the 1800s, we can see numerous wax statues representing political characters, cinema or sport stars in this museum.

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You like old bridges, their architecture and their histories ? See Tower Bridge ! It is the bascule bridge which is situated on the Thames, near the Tower of London. It was built between 1886 and 1894. This bridge is world-famous thanks to his particular architecture. You are crazy about paintings ? Go to the National Gallery ! It shelters one of the most beautiful collection of the world of paintings including works of Van Gogh, Seurat, Botticelli .. The museum is immense, you need a lot of time to see everything. ? ? You would like to see the most famous clock of the world ?

See Big Ben at Westminster Palace ! It is the nickname of the enormous bell of 13,5 tons settled in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. It was installed in 1856 by Charles Barry. ? You are crazy about horror ? Go to the London Dungeon and have the fear of your life ! Situated in Tooley street, it gathers the totality of the tragic events of London. This sort of horror museum is the most terrifying and the most famous of the world. There are three dungeon like the London Dungeon : in Edimbourgh, York and Hamburg.

The London Dungeon makes you live more than 2000 years of abominable and authentic stories as the Great Plague of 1665, Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire .. ? You would like to know who was William the Conqueror ? Go to the Tower of London ! It was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 who nicknamed the tower the White Tower. It is formed by a big square dungeon and by a yard. ? You want to assist a debate or just see Big Ben ? Go to Westminster Palace ! Called Houses of Parliament, the parliament is opened to the British population and to the foreigners who can assist the debates or visit the place and admire Big Ben.