Little britain

Little britain

? LITTLE BRITAIN I . The serie Little Britan is a British series of the channel BBC . This show written by Matt Lucas and David William raises a trash portrait of Great Britain through his inhabitants of class different all looser . It’s a radio program diffused by the BBC radio 4, the success in the meeting. The success of this there doesn’t give up because both creators are called to make an American adaptation and it by the channel HBO. also, was developed for the English market the video game PS2, PC and soon PSP: it’s about mini delirious games in the codes of the series. II .

Vicky Pollard Vicky Pollard a 16-year-old teenager is mother of 12 children; it looks like she is always encircled, is a chav and by top everything the comother of the district In 14 years she was collected for shoplifting. Afterward sent to industrial training school her returns encircled wall but doesn’t realize it before the eighth month of pregnancy. Social services remove her the child after the birth because the trail wished to exchange him for a CD. Vicky Pollard’s catchphrases :  » no but yeah but no but yeah but  »

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;  » shut up  » . III . Vicky Pollard in the swimming pool We discover an ight-year-old girl is crying and showing vicky to the swimming coach . The swimming coach calls her, she smokes in the swimming pool and throws the cigarette in the water. He asks her if it’s true that she grew the girl in the water. Has this moment there vicky says her catchphrases:  » no but yeah but no but yeah but  » then try to divert the subject and by in delirious comments and completely inconsistent. Tired he asks again the same question. He is convinced that it’s her and he orders her to leave the swimming pool . Vicky asks him for the authorization to urinate, she urinates in the swimming pool and is going to change .

IV . Marjorie Dawes Marjorie is a leader of a group of wrestling against the obesity. Merciless, she gives advice of regime on base of dust ( « The dust doesn’t contain fat  » ). Supporting no critic, she humbles constantly the participants. In particular, she gives free rein to her racism by lowering an Indian woman who for her don’t speak English very well . I chose this character because she leaves a good feeling to help the obese persons but her behavior with them shows us that can be this the one and bothered really with her weight and somewhere takes revenge on the members of group .