Lettre de motivation

Lettre de motivation

Paris july 11st 2009 Dear Mr …,

I am sending my CV, to apply at the post of…

I have just finished my master degree in international trade. I have also acquired a professional certification in alternation as purchasing assistant at Litwin. I obtained my first degree in International trade in June 2006. Since then I have had the opportunity to work for diverse companies connected to transportation, logistics and international trade (import/export and purchase).

I have acquired much experience through my years in Higher Institution as well as working for different companies, has giving me the opportunity to be an expert in area of following-up of the orders, the logistic organization of the deliveries, the payments, how to resolve disputes in the transport business and also having the ability to familiarize myself with the administrative area bound to the import / export business. My past experience gives me the opportunity to emphasize on my methodological and organized way of carrying out my duties, which also allow me to be in touch with the customers as well as the Haulage companies.

I am dynamic, business minded person, with excellent communication skill, that enjoys challenges, and able to priorities complex workload and meet deadlines. I am

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also an expert in computer application, such as Word, Excel, Access and also have the ability to speaks two other languages: English and Spanish. I thank you in advance for all the attention that you have giving my application. I am readily available for any Interview dates.

Sincerely, Miss …..