Joe crown anglais reponses aux questions

Joe crown anglais reponses aux questions

?The Story takes place in the early twentieth/at the beginning of the twentieth century in Chicago and in this sscene we see Joe Crown who belongs to a German family of immigrants and his daughter who is twenty – five years old / and his twenty -year- old daughter . Fritzi’s father is stunned when hhs daughter breaks the news to him but even if he disaprooves with her decision , she will not/won’t change her mind. When Fritzi announces that she is going to NY , her father imagines that she is going to shop , he expects /wants her daughter to conform to a conventional role

Is she can’t know if she can succeed in NY , she will hate herself the rest of her life. Fritzi a twenty five year old lady , is breaking the news to her father that she has decided to leave Chicago in order to be an actress in a theater . Astonished , stunned , her father disapproves / objects to her plans. He turns pale and bangs the door shut because he does not understand his daughter. He is as severe , as strict , as adamant as a soldier. Wide =

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broad (large) Narrow = etroit narrow-minded = etroit d’esprit. beneath = under ver= above panic stricken = frappe de panique Somewhere in the west , dying daylight broke out beneath clouds . ——> At the end of the day , the light of the sun appeared through / came through the clouds. Now there are fewer clouds in the sky . Striking the office window and painting it red > the setting/dying sun paint the window red . Carl and Fritzi are not on an equal footing (pied d’egalite) Old-fashioned ;; fashionable (a la mode) New york is a filthy (immonde), wretched (abominable), dangerous city .

Not safe = unsafe. Humeur = mood front = forehead se plisser = to wrinkle sang = blood joue = cheek bien ecarte = wide apart celibataire = single inflexible = adamant decouvrir = find out repliquer = replied attentione = carefully Underrate yourself = se sous estimer Argument , conflict , clash = dispute…. amazed , outraged = scandalise brave = bold , trong-willed = determined straightforward Argue = se disputer speak one’s mind = dire ce que l’on pense dare = oser settle down = s’installer