Ft adsl

Ft adsl

Exercises Create service profiles with automatic rate adaptation with low min (64 kbps) and high max bit rates (1500 kbps upstream / 30000 kbps downstream). service profile 1 with min INP = 2 symbols and max delay = 8 ms service profile 2 with min INP = 4 symbols and max delay = 8 ms service profile 3 with min INP = 8 symbols and max delay = 8 ms service profile 4 with min INP = 1 symbols and max delay = 1 ms Create two spectrum profiles for ADSL2+ (a. o. ) with different noise margin settings: pectrum profile 1 with default noise margins spectrum profile 2 with maxNM = default, TNM = 12 dB and minNM = 3dB. What about the upshift and downshift noise margins? Configure your line with service profile 1 and spectrum profile 1. Check the actual bit rates upstream and downstream. Repeat this for other combinations of service and spectrum profiles. Can you explain the differences in bit rates? Can you think of combinations of service and spectrum profiles that would result in a zero bit rate?

Configure two different spectrum profiles: one with RFI egress friendliness (notched) and one without. Configure one of these

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profiles on the port combined with service profile 1. Ask your teacher for access to the network analyzer and a brief explanation on how to run an inspection! Use network analyzer to run a short line quality diagnosis (start with a line state diagnosis by typing the line address in the inspect field). Check the bit loading. Do you see the RFI band?

Afterwards, you configure the second spectrum profile on the port (keep the same service profile). Run a new short line quality diagnosis. Compare the bit loading with the previous inspection. Can you explain? Configure a spectrum profile with downstream power backoff for ADSL2+. Choose one of the default PSD shapes (e. g. carrier 200). The noise margins and RFI settings etc. are all defaults. configure this spectrum profile on your port (keep the same service profile) and run a short line quality diagnosis. Check the actual downstream