French I – Lesson 1

French I – Lesson 1

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Choisissez un plan d'adhésion
You see an old friend and want to know how he is.
Comment ça va?
You pass a co-worker in the hall and want to say hello.
You greet someone at three p.m.
You’re entering a building with an associate and invite her to enter the doorway first.
Parlez vous fran;ais?
Your brother has just demonstrated to you his new juggling talent, and you want to compliment him.
Tr;s bien
You greet your arriving guests at eight p.m.
Someone just gave you helpful directions.



merci beaucoup

A co-worker just offered to finish a task for you so you could go home early; you very thankfully accept.
Merci beaucoup
You had lunch with a friend, and now you part ways.
Parlez vous anglais?