Exemple fiche entreprise

Exemple fiche entreprise

AsiaBio The company AsiaBio Phnom Penh in Cambodia engages in wholesale and retail dealer of products of biological origin such as cleaning products, foodstuffs, hygiene products, etc.. Asiabio creators are indeed very committed to sustainable development and in 2009 opened the first organic grocery in Cambodia. They thus meet the definition of sustainable development by offering their customers for natural products, from eco-friendly agriculture to meet their needs while preserving the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Founded in 2009 by a French expatriate Alexandre Matcheret and his Russian girlfriend Anna Glazcova, AsiaBio is the equivalent of an LLC. Its head office is in Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia. The company combines AsiaBio which manages the operations of importing goods and reselling to their customers and Naturae, which serves as restaurant, hotel and organic grocery in the same room where these products are also sold. AsiaBio buys from a single supplier located in Australia, Australian origin organic products.

It sells them at retail either in his own shop, Naturae (located inside the restaurant) or at various retailers such as Cambodian supermarkets (Lucky, Pencil), an upscale grocery store (the Food Pantry), drugstore (Ucare) and more recently a private clinic in the capital, the

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Royal Hospital Rattanak. It generates an average of 7 500 USD in sales per month. The workforce is divided into 2. AsiaBio has a staff of three people responsible for sourcing operations, survey and monitoring of contracts: Anna Glazkova and Alexandre Matcheret, the two leaders and Peter John Lozada manager.

The beginning of our internship coincided with the hiring of Peter John, previous Cambodian manager Tola W. Sarleaving the company the month after. However given the small size of the structure-sharing of tasks between them remains unclear. Naturae has 3 servers, three cooks (for the restaurant business) and selling (for the grocery store where goods are sold). It offers a wide range of products. Indeed it has 240 product references among 14 different brands ranging from Bellamy’s baby food to Morlife or HerbValley food complements through Herbon cleaning products, cosmetics Myth, etc.

It is positioned on the upscale segment because of the high price of its products and it addresses a very small segment of consumers who only can afford this type of expenditure in a country where average income is $ 60/month : Western expatriates living in Cambodia who have high incomes and are already aware of the principle of sustainable development and the upper class of the Cambodian population, often educated abroad and aware of environmental problems.

The company has three direct competitors: House Khmer the Australian company to which AsiaBio buys its products from and has its own local point of purchase (the Pantry Shop), Organic Mart and Veggies. House khmer represents 40% share of the Cambodian market, followed with 30% for Veggies whereas AsiaBio totals approximately 25% market share and OrganicMart 5%. * Intern Diagnostic Strenghts | Weaknesses | Wide range of products * • The reached segment has a high purchasing power * • Current trend of organic * • The company has its own retail outlet, sales of which are favored by the presence in the same room of the restaurant and hotel which attract tourists who are potential customers for its products | * High prices of products * The segment is very small * Uncertainty of delivery within * Products frequently broken during post-delivery to the warehouse storage |