Dating sites

Dating sites

Dating sites Everybody use them . les are the single men Dating sites are mainly used by people, so people use these sites as a social network tool and go out of the loneliness However, it can be dangerous if we end up on a person who has rather unusual habits… Dating sites began in the year 2000 with the emergence of internet, indeed, previously have could meet persons via teletel, phone calls … The most known Dating sites: www. eDarling. fr www. TiiLT. fr www. MeeticAffinity. fr www. amourmaghreb. fr www. harmony. com Meetic is an online dating service founded in November 2001 and publicly quoted since October 2005. It is among the main firms in its industry in Europe. Meetic was founded by Marc Simoncini. What it represents today? In order to answer this question we will fist of all take a look at the pros and then the cons. I) Advantage The worm wide web became so global: Our society does not facilitate the natural meetings with a woman while the life is harder and harder and the solitude all the more intolerable.

It is necessary to live with his time by optimizing the means which the life gives

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us. The new technologies of information and the communication are an opportunity to be seized. Their radius of action does not limit itself any more to the professional questions but continues up to the domain of the everyday life(daily paper) in the service of the man and of every human being. The Internet got involved in the fight (wrestling) against the solitude and the indifference by allowing the hatching of the Dating sites.

In front of the acuteness of the problems of the man in his social relationships, the Dating sites want to be a remedy against the isolation. Conceived above all to facilitate the meetings with a woman by allowing new knowledge, sites knew a lightning success a little time after their appearance. The exceptional attraction which they exercised on the Internet users accelerated (boosted) their multiplication (increase) and they are to become a real social phenomenon of these debuts of XXI centuries Meetings with a woman, meet with a man, meetings lovers, best regards and the list is far from being exhaustive.

If some people saw only a tremendous opportunity(occasion) for men and women, the inhabitants of the earth(ground) there to know, to have a dialogue, the others did not miss to conceal a ground there convenient to the profit and open sites for profit unconfessed but masked by the good intentions. To mark out and to put a little of order in the row(rank) of the multiple Dating sites which flood the Web, it was necessary to resort(turn) to an ethical charter of the meeting in which all those who member have to show a minimum of seriousness in their company.

In a concern (marigold) of originality in front of the competition and to channel the choice of the future members, specialized or specific sites to a category of persons with public interest made their appearance. So the meetings with a Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese woman, do not raise any more problem because Internet banished all the borders. In spite of the nuances and the differences at the level of the organization and of the marketing, the Dating sites work known the same system generated by the new relational codes which are a recognized authority in our time (period).

A registration (inscription) and a subscription is obviously the first door to be crossed (exceeded) with the modalities, the clauses and the contracts which they imply (involve). Member’s status allows enjoying various services offered by each of the sites. The candidates for the wedding of love and reason have a wide range (fan) of choice in the Dating sites with the Slavic; African or Latin woman. Profiles in photos, by way of chats meet with a woman a fascinating adventure to be lived because the knowledge of the data on the correspondent helps to surmount the instinctive fear of the stranger.

Quite recently, a site has just thrown (launched) on the market a new offer and target in particular the persons who estimate (appreciate) the dialogue and Which (who) do not come to visit the site only with the aim of finding the big love of their life. Their center of interest goes rather towards the exchanges of ideas, the constructive discussions to know better itself and to discover the others and be exchanged experiences (experiments). This site offers them the opportunity (occasion) to express himself freely by privileging the chat as the communications tool. Each has all freedom there to act as he wishes it.

We can address only such or such correspondent. We can choose to present his (her,its) photo or to beware of it. In brief, we come there in the simple concern(marigold) to break with the daily routine. We try simply to communicate freely with the others, to go out of his (her,its) shell. And if the love came to the meeting(appointment), so much the better. According to our own experiences(experiments), those of our friends and knowledge, join on a Dating sites is the most effective means and the best report(relationship) quantity / quality / price to meet somebody quickly, for a serious relation or not.

The advantages of the Dating sites are the following ones: EASE Pick up without moving, at home with the music or the television as a background sound, the feet wearing slippers! CHOICE A maximum of choice (geographical, age, sex, family situation and professional, activities, music styles, sports). QUALITY Be able to have a dialogue, even meet beautiful women or charming boys whom you would never have been able to approach on the real daily life. MULTIPLICITY Be able to chain several plans of trying to pick up(dredge) at once(at the same time).

Unlike the club where you are fast posted(shown) if you connect several persons at once(at the same time), on internet you are hidden behind your screen / keyboard. LOVE STORY To make beautiful meetings, indeed, there are numerous persons who made magnificent meetings thanks to internet. They got married and had children … Yes there are serious people on the Dating sites which look for a long-lasting (sustainable) and serious relation. SEX And finally, the Dating sites also offer the possibility of finding quickly Fucking Friend and of maintaining a relation based essentially on the sex and the tenderness.

For the guys enslaved (overcome) by their hormones, it is understandable given that some people think only with their phallus. For the freed (released) or done wonders for the self-confidence women, most of them want to put of the spine in their sexual life, the others are in lack of tenderness, the others else look for a serious guy but would not be against an adventure. In every case at the women, if a simple sexual adventure is looked for, she(it) will rarely be assumed or says openly. The society and the helping customs, a woman cannot say openly(frankly):  » yes I am a woman and I look for a plan bottom « .

The men(people) will say about her that she is an easy woman or a bitch Millions of single women (men) crowd there every day. Meet different persons of nationality and culture. It is a saving of time if you are too much fussed. Know that it is the fastest and the most effective method to meet. It allows to surmount your shyness (hidden behind your computer) and to find close persons from your home. Meet one thousand people in next to no time. And all this while staying at home! II) Inconveniences of the Dating sites which can be: Attention on the INFERNAL SPIRAL

Sometimes, we can waste time to pick up and to chat with a person every evening, to get on virtually, so that at the end she(it) is not decided to meet you really. You should not lose of seen that the end(purpose) is all the same to meet somebody really. The women chat infinitely but are not ready of making the step of the meeting. They can sometimes embark us on virtual relations during weeks and weeks before disappearing as fast as they arrived. We find this kind of behavior at the persons who use the Dating sites as a sort(species) of community network where we can chat, be lying about(dawdle) in the vening, to kill the time to be made virtual friends but no doubt meetings really. A MINIMUM OF PATIENCE As a general rule, to be able to meet a person, it requires a minimum of discussions about the chat or about the messaging system(messaging) immediate as MSN MESSENGER, FACEBOOK or SKYPE of phone calls or exchanges of e-mails before being able to provoke the first meeting(appointment). Without waiting for such a long time, it is thus necessary to be a minimum patient and to follow the successive stages: chat, send e-mails, phoned to meet finally.

The trying to pick up(dredge) on internet is an art: it is necessary to smell and to estimate, to know how to delay, ask the good questions at the right time, fetch the meeting really but without ever showing itself too obliging. HYPERMARKET (LARGE SURFACE) OF THE TRYING TO PICK UP (DREDGE) Some people say that it makes a little supermarket or catalog of the meeting. NEUROTIC As in the everyday life, there is on internet of the really neurotic persons or simply without open minded, in particular at the boys (deprived or big heavy or sticking for example) At the women, we find a certain shape of hysteria: woman and hysteria on internet

ABUNDANCE The Dating sites are double-edged; they allow the persons to meet the other persons, but far too many persons! So, certain members (men(people) or women) who understood the system chain the plans trying to pick up(dredges), the meetings the some backs the others: about ten, about twenty, then around thirty meetings in a few months … You can thus meet  » nth on the list, estimated and tested such a price comparator! We sometimes find this profile at the women in search of the prince charming in the white horse which will come to save them.

The meetings are linked until meet him (it), pure illusion which can last for a long time … FREEDOM On internet, we can withdraw at any time from the virtual relation engaged (started) without having of account to be returned. Of a highly-rated, this freedom allows:Do not to make a commitment too quickly in a relation. We discuss at first little MSN then it is me who decide when we shall see each other. To have a feeling of independence. I make what I want on internet, I say what I like and I decide to speak to the guy that I chose. I can confide (entrust) even if I want.

To master completely his(her,its) relation: his(her,its) beginning and his(her,its) end. If you do not please me finally, I block (surround) you overnight without that he(it) is necessary that I give explanations to whoever it is. And of other one, this freedom is: generator of frustrations, incomprehension’s and questioning, in particular It is necessary to be careful in the disappointments. If you should not hold(retain) that an advice(council) it is the one: you do not especially have to idealize the person with whom you correspond.

On internet, when the fiction of the meeting joins the reality, she(it) is quite other … Please keep a cool head and be not carried away. The Real loving awakening can be made only in the reality, during the meeting really. A glance, a gesture(movement), a posture, the mimes, the attitudes, the subjects of conversations, the smiles, the voice(vote), the physical appearance, the attention it is all this who(which) matters most when you will see the as large as life person. The correspondence via internet and the theoretical feelings it is a thing(matter); the meeting it really is the other one!

In theory, virtually and by the telephone you can be compatible and loving when in the reality, that will be the opposite. On internet, it is just only an impression that we are made of the other, even with a whole drum kit of photos… Regrettably for someone, internet is a fantasy! It is one of main traps of the exchanges on internet, to imagine itself that a complicity or a virtual love transposes inevitably in the reality. Pure illusion because the perceptions which we have on internet are completely different from the reality.

It is little as our good old practical class of physical sciences to the middle school (college) where the experiment did not verify exactly the theory. In theory, we put hypotheses and constants to simplify the calculations! In practice everything intervened, in particular the real outer (foreign) factors(mailmen). Psychologically speaking, to compare a correspondence with internet and a meeting it really means setting imagination and reality. When we maintain a correspondence on Web, we are in front of an entity deformed by the virtual and the unknown of the reality.

Even with photos, your virtual contact remains personified and represented in your spirit as long as you did not meet him (it) in the truth. When we pick up on internet, chat and phone with a person without having seen her(it) ever really, we imagine ourselves things, representations, scenarios, unconsciously or not. In other words, you are in the imagination and the fantasy. For information, the fantasy is nothing else than a thought in image, it indicates(appoints) the imagination. On internet, your thoughts are fed with the photos which the person sends you and the various dialogues via the cat and the webcam.

Besides, the fantasy and the internet correspondence are not based(established) on real events. The reality, it is the reality of a meeting really where you perceive (collect) the acoustics, the picture, the tactile and the spoken language. Reality: Character of what is real, of what exists in fact and what is not only an idea, an illusion, a dream, a desire or a representation Attention on the syndrome of the love at first sight(lightning stroke) of love. Sometimes the meeting it really turns(shoots) in the love at first sight(lightning stroke) of love for one of the protagonists.

A kiss, a smile, some words and it is already the loving flash at the end of five minutes hardly, without knowing even the person really. Everybody had to know this feeling one day? Without going into an analysis of the phenomenon « love at first sight »(« lightning stroke »), it is simply necessary to become aware that a love relation joins over time, it is a construction in the time(weather). We do not measure the duration or the intensity of a love with indicators such as the flashes. A loving flash, it is in fact a purely physical meeting. CONCLUSION

The theoretical and virtual compatibilities have regrettably no value as long as you did not meet the person really. Besides, even if the person opposite is charming and attractive, try to know it a little more on her before exhilarating you and making you movies. Keep (Guard), please, feet on earth(ground). The meetings on internet allow to make and to provoke meetings really. Once this past course(cape), he(it) is going to need to go into a real game(set,play) of seduction to be able to conclude(end). The real love will come maybe later, in time and over time from the relation.

The love is the fruit of a fusion meeting (or passionate) between 2 persons, but it has to go to both senses(directions)! If you are in love while the other one in madman completely of you, it is necessary to live with it to you.  » The love which is suddenly born is the longest to cure(to be cured)  » Jean de La Bruyere. To end, the meeting on internet is an excellent method, which possesses (as all) his(her,its) limits. For some years, outside the traditional Dating sites develops the concept of the meeting by psychological affinities.

In the United States, this type(chap) of Dating sites is frequented today as well as the non-specialized sites. In Europe, this model was introduced by the site Parship, which has just revealed a 46 million euro turnover Concept of the meeting by psychological affinities: the traditional Dating sites propose to their members the access to a base of persons which they can contact via various features. The users of the non-specialized sites of meeting, having filled(performed) a form of description and have sent or not a photo, navigate through the site thanks to criteria of searches(researches) to select and contact the persons whom hey wish to meet. It is the model recommended by most of the Dating sites today. Outside this approach of the on-line meeting, develops the concept of the meeting by psychological affinities. By joining a site of meeting of this type(chap), the persons begin by filling(performing) a psychological said supposed questionnaire of several tens of questions to establish their profile and to determine their compatibility with the other members. The Dating sites by psychological affinities sends then to his(her) users a list of persons considered compatible.

This type(chap) of site, called also  » matchmaking  » thus emphasizes the psychological compatibility. Unlike the Dating sites traditional, the user cannot navigate through the database of the members. He(it) contents with waiting for the suggestions of the site in question. Advantages and inconveniences of the meeting by psychological affinities or  » matchmaking « : every person avid to join on a Dating sites by psychological affinities has to dedicate at least half an hour to the filling of the questionnaire. The usual time(weather) is so synonymic of a stronger implication than on a traditional site of meeting.

This type(chap) of site does not emphasize the physical appearance but the visible psychological compatibility. So, these sites have a more serious reputation. The population is moreover generally older than on them On the other hand, the fact of not having to make itself the work of search(research) and sorting of the members can be one more for the users. But the meeting by psychological affinities has no that advantages. First of all, the duration of subscription is long (between 9 in 12 months on average against 6,5 months for Meetic). The process of meeting is indeed much longer than on the traditional sites.

Then, even if the physical appearance is not the most important, we cannot completely neglect this criterion. Now, on the sites of «matchmaking « , we can see the photo of the members only on inquiry. In other words that it is possible to stick intellectually certain time(weather) with a person before realizing that the meeting will not go farther … Other inconvenience, he(it) is not indicated if this person is subscribed to the service or only registered. So, you spend time to write an e-mail worked to one of the persons suggested by the site while this one can not ANSWER.

Result(Profit): frustration and waste of time are there. Finally, we can doubt the reliability of the personality tests. Numerous cognitive ways exist and no questionnaire makes the unanimity today. Meeting by psychological affinities: the actors In the United States, the leader of the matchmaking is e-harmony. com who was born in 2000. E-harmony. com is one of main Dating sites in the United States today and realize a 200 million dollar turnover. It is necessary to say that in the United States, the sector of the matchmaking is almost also important as the traditional on-line meeting.

In Europe, the historic actor of the meeting by psychological affinities is the site Parship, the subsidiary of a big German publishing conglomerate. The site dashed in Germany in 2001 and in 2005 in France. The Dating sites is present in 14 countries and account 135 employees today. According to Meetic, the matchmaking would represent a 70 million euro business volume in 2007 and should reach(affect) 100 million euro this year. Parship realized a 46 million euro turnover, is an average market share in 65 % Europe.

Several sites of meeting then surfed on the wave introduced by Parship. To begin with former(ancient) members of Parship who threw(launched) the site Be2. Meetic also dashed on this market, by pursuing his strategy of segmentation with the mark(brand) Ulteem. However, it is on this segment rapidly expanding that Meetic plans to develop its marketing investments. Marc Simoncini wishes that Ulteem exceeds Match. com in France in business volume before 12 months. Match. com would realize at present according to our estimations a turnover about 5 million euro in France.