1898 Cuba declared war against the Spanish side in the USA. This daterepresents the end of the second war of independence of Cuba. 1902, Cuba became economically independent, but still dominated by the USA. 1909 Cuba will continue to be under from the dependence of Washington until theCastro revolution, dictators and repeatedly receive the support of the United States. U. S. roops leave the island, 28 January 1909, but the Americansretain control of Guantanamo (still occupied by the United States in 2003). 1933 Fall of the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado in the interests of NorthAmerican and establishing a provisional revolutionary government. 1952 The General Fulgencio Batista abolished the Constitution of 1940 andestablished a dictatorship in the service of American interests. 1961 Following the decision by Fidel Castro nationalized U.

S. companies in Cubathe United States officially broke with the Cuban government. 1962, A U. S. spy plane discovered Soviet missile base that is under constructionnear the United States. The missiles are directed towards the United States. On October 22 the news is made public if Kennedy is organizing the naval blockade of the island and issued an ultimatum to Khrushchev. This eventmarks the beginning of a crisis called the « Cuban Crisis ».

Finally, Khrushchevagreed to withdraw the missiles, provided that the Americans did not land in Cuba. 1980 Nearly 130,000 Cubans rejected by the Castro regime to leave Cuba. Theisland has about 11 million people, but there are 2 million Cuban exiles, half of the United States. 1993 Cubans can own dollars and open a bankaccount. 2006 Bolivian President Evo Morales, one of the most critical vis-a-vis Washington, proposed to issue an ultimatum to Mr. Obama to put an end to U. S. embargo.