Creation produit – carte sd radio/gps

Creation produit – carte sd radio/gps

Epsci Inc. *Numeria Card* (UFS) Group composed of : {draw:frame} Marina Reclus {draw:frame} Product Description of the product : Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 8 Go, orange with the company logo (Numeria) Urban international GPS (itineraries + public transports and schedules) with an oral function Radio FM Adaptable to many electronic device as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 (with a big enough screen) and computers (to save data) Size : 1 cm x 1. 3 cm *8 Go because when people buy a new memory card it is to get more memory than they used to have so we thought this capacity would be the best choice.

The company The business headquarters will be located in Canada (Toronto) and the production site in China (Shanghai) to reduce production’s costs. {draw:frame} The Chairmen are the creators of the company and lead the board as a team. They plan and manage the board’s business in order to establish an effective board. Two associates One associate was a Marketing Director (Nestle) and the other one was a Managing Director (Sony) Besides recruiting people, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) informs & consults the chairmen and assigns responsibilities.

He also discharges the direction. Ex CEO at Siemens The Research

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and Development Department creates new products with innovation. It also focuses on the amelioration of existing products. Steve Krugman He participated to the launch of the iPhone The Production Director manages the production site and maintains relations with it. Vanessa Johnson She has already managed many production sites all around the world The Sales Director deals with the whole distribution process. The two main sectors are Marketing and Import-Export. Judy Sullivan

She worked on both Marketing and Import-Export in several companies such as Nike A Finance Director deals with all the financial aspects of a firm, especially with the budgets. Greg Smith He used to be a certified public accountant for big companies {draw:frame} In summary our company is composed of 118 people; 68 divided in the direction and four departments at the headquarters in Toronto and 50 in Shanghai in the Minhang District at the production site. Strategy & target The Universal Flash Storage is a new memory card which owns qualities that other types of memory cards do not have.

This is why we chose to apply a price a little more expensive than it would be for another card. It reaches 42 €. We focus on an “international strategy”, based on diversified advertising and distribution channels to hit as many consumers as possible. Our product will target everybody, especially people who often travel. It is used to evolve in an international environment. Market survey Presentation A memory card or flash memory card come out in the 1990s but mainly in the industry . Many new formats appeared from the late 1990s into the early 2000s. draw:frame} The memory card market is mainly composed of : Memory Stick Digital Card Multi Media Card Micro Drive Smart Media Accessory buyers spent an average of 15 percent of the cost of the primary consumer electronics device on accessories in 2006 in order to enhance the functionality or performance of their primary device. The memory card market is highly fragmented. The main competitors planned to create a simple UFS with the CEA. The competitors on the market are: Advertising channels We have chosen different ways to promote our new product in order to increase our sales.

First of all, Internet seems to be a very good advertising channel because it is used by most people who can be considered as “potential consumers”. Internet permits to purchase anything at any time (from anywhere! ). Consumers can easily compare products and prices on the Internet as well. Secondly, the television will be a good choice. We expect to create a TV commercial which would attract viewers to buy our product. The best thing would be to broadcast this advertisement at “strategic times” to hit the most viewers possible (for example at 20:00, when a lot of people are watching TV).

Our third advertising channel will be the radio. On the one hand, the radio is an important media (such as TV) which cannot be avoided from our advertising plan because it is also integrated in everyday life. On the other hand, the radio function is integrated in our Universal Flash Storage and it would be a non-sense to exclude it from our strategy. Moreover this channel is quite affordable. In addition, we plan to publish ads on different flyers, firstly in specialized catalogues (ex: Fnac catalogue), and then in newspapers.

Distribution channels Four channels are possible to supply our product. The first one is the mail-order selling. Our Universal Flash Storage is an international product which can be used all around the world. Therefore people can easily order it. Furthermore they can do it from anywhere. The second one is Internet. Consumers will then be able to buy our product on the Internet; it is (as the mail-order selling) easier for them, especially if they are in a foreign land. Specialized shops are the third channel.

In these stores, people can buy electronic device such as mp3, cameras and computers. They also sell the necessary accessories of these items. As the Universal Flash Storage belongs to the accessory category it would be great to integrate this distribution channel. Supermarkets represent the fourth channel as it is an essential channel. This channel will also be the perennial when new products will have replaced it. Prospects for growth The UFS product would complete a primary device with a small budget instead of buying new products which are expensive for the moment.

It will also complete a lack in the current technology before a new product will be developed (hopefully by our R&D department). The life cycle will be as it is described on the following graph: {draw:frame} In a study, CEA has forecasted that the total CE accessories market will grow 11 percent in 2007, exceeding the growth rate of the overall industry. We estimate the success of the product for a period of three years; until then everybody will have the evaluated fittings and this product will only stay in distribution for those who still need it.

Furthermore technology do not evaluate at the same speed in every country so we can consider that the product will still be successful in some countries. UFS will have been having a certain success all around the world. Finance & accounts Capital The capital invested in the company to set up the business will figure up to a total of 500 000 €. This capital will be half invested from the chairmen. The other half will be provided from a loan of 250 000 €. We project to make the Starteo loan which has a 3% interest rate and a short-term of 5, 7 or even 10 years.

Ours will have the 5-year-short-term. Income statements The income allowed is the highest one for the first year because the product has been to have an immediate impact ; 2 800 000 €. Then it will lose a part of its income for the second year ; 2 300 000 €. Finally from the third year a stationary income should be established for the aforementioned reasons (1 800 000€ as an example). Balance sheets Y1 Y2 Complementary graphics {draw:frame} Turnover {draw:frame} Visual Advertisement {draw:frame}