Corrige anales bac anglais lv1

Corrige anales bac anglais lv1

Corrige bac 2009 : Anglais LV1 Serie L – Metropole Ces elements de correction n’ont qu’une valeur indicative. Ils ne peuvent en aucun cas engager la responsabilite des autorites academiques, chaque jury est souverain. Session 2009 BACCALAUREAT GENERAL ANGLAIS Langue vivante 1 Serie L Duree : 3 heures – Coefficient 4 L’usage du dictionnaire et des calculatrices est interdit. Comprehension 14 points Expression Traduction 6 points Vikas Swarup, Q & A, 2006 Corrige Bac 2009 – Serie L – LV1 Anglais – Metropole www. sujetdebac. fr

COMPREHENSION – EXPRESSION Vous traiterez les questions dans l’ordre, en indiquant clairement leur numero sur votre copie. Lorsque la reponse doit etre developpee, le nombre de mots ou d’elements de reponse sera indique dans la question. En l’absence d’indications, vous repondrez brievement a la question posee. 1. a) There are four main characters in this passage: the narrator, Salim, Armaan Ali and Urvashi Randhawa. Say whether they are present or only mentioned. Salim and the narrator are present. Armaan Ali and Urvashi Randhawa are both mentioned. x 0,5 pts = 2 pts b) What are Salim’s, Armaan Ali’s and Urvashi Randhawa’s jobs? Salim works as a tiffin carrier / delivery man / boy. Armaan Ali is

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a film star and Urvashi Randhawa is a model. 3 x 1 pt = 3 pts c) What is Armaan Ali to Salim? He is Salim’s favourite star. 3 pts 2. a) “The most amazing thing has happened today. ” (line 4) What does Salim refer to? He has seen his favourite star in the flesh / he tried to catch his attention. 4 pts b) What happened on that day was more important than his life and his job. Find two quotations justifying this statement.

Line 11: “narrowly missing being run down by a car” 2 x 2 pts = 4 pts Line 16: “Salim forgot all about the tiffin. ” Lines 17-18: “A customer of Grawli Tiffin Carriers went hungry that afternoon. ” Accepter line 11: “He jumped down from the speeding vehicle” 3. What elements in Salim’s and Armaan’s lives show that they belong to two separates worlds? Use your own words. (30 / 40 words) Armaan has an expensive car / a Mercedes-Benz and live in a luxurious hotel whereas Salim has to ride on the bus to deliver his food and he doesn’t earn much money.

Unlike Salim, Armaan is famous and his name often makes the headlines. 4 x 3 pts = 12 pts Attribuer le maximum de points si 4 elements sur les 5 donnes ci-dessus sont trouves. Bonus de 1 pt pour: Salim is not allowed to enter the hotel because he probably looks too shabby. 4. a) According to the narrator, Armaan “seems to have it all – face, fame and fortune. ” (line 25) What event in Armaan’s life makes Salim think differently? The fact that Armaan and Urvashi have broken up. / He has lost Urvashi. 4 pts b) Quote the line showing how that event affects Salim. Line 30: “I see Salim crying.

His eyes are red and wet with tears. He hasn’t eaten all days. ” 2 pts 5. a) What two things does Salim first consider doing for Armaan Ali? (20 / 30 words) First he wants to meet him to make him feel better. Then he considers talking to Urvashi to convince her to get back to Armaan. 2 x 3 pts = 6 pts b) What does the narrator think of Salim’s plans? What argument does he give to him? Use your own words. The narrator thinks it is stupid / ridiculous. According to him, it’s none of his business. 2 x 3 pts = 6 pts Corrige Bac 2009 – Serie L – LV1 Anglais – Metropole www. ujetdebac. fr 6. Salim eventually sends Armaan a frame. In your own words, tell the ‘story’ of this frame. What does that story reveal about Salim’s vision of Armaan and Urvashi’s relationship? (40 / 50 words) – He bought a (heart-shaped) frame to put / with a photo of Armaan and Urvashi, symbolizing their love. – He smashed it because they had broken up. – Then he decided to mend it and send it to Armaan to prove that they could get back together / that Armaan could get over his broken heart 6 x 2,5 pts = 15 pts 7. a) Read the whole text again and describe Salim’s personality.

He is naive / childish, excessive, out of touch with reality, emotional… He overreacts to anything connected to Armaan. 4 pts b) Focus on the narrator. Describe and analyse his attitude towards Salim and his passion. (3 elements – 40 / 50 words) – The narrator worries about Salim at the beginning of the text. He is much more detached / realistic / mature / down-to-earth because he is aware of the difference between fiction and reality (line 19). – He is protective of Salim: he tries to reason him = he is like a father to him: he tries to prevent him from wasting his time looking for Urvashi. He teases him at times but on the whole, he respects his passion. He doesn’t look down on him, even if he teases him as we can see at the end of the text, when he says that the important thing is that Salim believes Armaan received his present. 3 x 5 pts = 15 pts 8. Choose one of the following subjects. (250 words approximately. Write down the number of words. ) Subject 1 “The papers are full of the Armaan-Urvashi breakup”. You are a journalist working for a tabloid. Write the article. Subject 2 More and more blogs on the Internet are dedicated to stars.

How can you account for that phenomenon? Say what you think about it. TRADUCTION Translate into French from line 33 (Look, Salim…) to line 42 (…own way. ) 1. “Look, Salim, you are being childish. There is nothing you can do about it,” I tell him. « Ecoute, Salim, tu fais l’enfant. Tu ne peux rien y faire / changer,” lui dis-je. 2. “If only I could meet Armaan. I want to comfort him. – Si seulement je pouvais rencontrer Armaan. Je veux le reconforter / consoler. 3. To hold his hand and let hum cry on my shoulder. Lui tenir la main et le laisser pleurer sur mon epaule. . They say crying makes the heart lighter. On dit que ca soulage de pleurer / Pleurer rend le c? ur plus leger. 5. “And what good will that do? – Et a quoi ca va servir ? / Qu’est-ce que ca va apporter / changer / A quoi bon ? 6 pts 6 pts 6 pts 6 pts 4 pts 6. Urvashi will not come back to Armaan. ” Armaan ne recuperera pas Urvashi (pour autant). / Urvashi ne reviendra pas vers Armaan. » 4 pts Corrige Bac 2009 – Serie L – LV1 Anglais – Metropole www. sujetdebac. fr 7. Suddenly Salim looks up. Soudain, Salim leve les yeux. 4 pts 8. “Do you think I could speak to her?

Maybe I could persuade her to come back to Armaan. « Tu penses que / penses-tu que / tu crois que je pourrais lui parler (a elle) ? Peut-etre que je pourrais la persuader / convaincre de revenir vers / se remettre avec Armaan. 6 pts 9. Tell her that it was all a mistake. Lui dire combien / a quel point il est triste et desole. » (Accepter contrit) 11. I shake my head. Je secoue la tete. 6 pts 4 pts 12. I don’t want Salim trampling all over Mumbai looking for Urvashi Randhawa. Je ne veux pas que Salim arpente tout Mumbai / Bombay a la recherche de Urvashi Randhawa. Accepter traverser / parcourir) 9 pts 13. “It’s not a good idea to poke your nose into other people’s affairs, « C’est pas / Ce n’est pas une bonne idee de fourrer ton (son) nez dans les affaires / de te (se) meler des affaires des autres, 9 pts 14. or make other people’s troubles your own, Salim. endosser / faire tiens les problemes des autres / de prendre les problemes des autres a ton (son) compte, Salim. 6 pts 15. Armaan Ali is a mature man. Armaan Ali est adulte. (Ne pas penaliser : un homme mur / mature) 16. He will deal with his troubles in his own way. Il gerera ses problemes a sa facon. / Il reglera ses problemes comme il veut. » 4 pts 6 pts Consignes generales, concernant la comprehension : – BONIFIER l’emploi de mots de liaison : jusqu’a + DEUX POINTS POUR L’ENSEMBLE DE LA COMPREHENSION. – NE PAS PENALISER LA LANGUE dans laquelle les reponses sont redigees (grammaire et orthographe) de plus de CINQ POINTS sur 80. Consignes generales, concernant la traduction : – Il s’agit de restituer le sens mais pas d’un exercice de style. – On ne penalisera pas l’orthographe et la conjugaison au-dela de 5 POINTS SUR L’ENSEMBLE DE LA TRADUCTION. On peut en revanche bonifier un francais naturel : accorder jusqu’a 5 POINTS SUR L’ENSEMBLE DE LA TRADUCTION. Corrige Bac 2009 – Serie L – LV1 Anglais – Metropole www. sujetdebac. fr RECAPITULATIF COMPREHENSION – EXPRESSION 140 points 1. a) 2 points b) 3 points c) 3 points 2. a) 4 points b) 4 points 3. 4. 12 points a) 4 points b) 2 points 5. a) 6 points b) 6 points 6. 7. 15 points a) 4 points b) 15 points 8. 60 points TRADUCTION 90 points a ramener sur 60 points (Diviser la note obtenue par 1,5) Corrige Bac 2009 – Serie L – LV1 Anglais – Metropole www. sujetdebac. fr