market update NCR Fingerprint Recognition Solutions Help Address Security and Privacy Issues NCR has unveiled its comprehensive strategy for helping retailers and consumers address information security and privacy issues through fingerprint recognition. “We are seeing increased interest in fingerprint recognition as retailers, their employees and consumers learn more about the convenience and benefits offered by this technology,” said NCR vice-president for Assisted Service Solutions Greg Egan. With properly planned and managed deployments, retailers can expect measurable business improvements from employee-facing as well as consumer-facing applications. ” Employee-facing uses of fingerprint recognition — including time and attendance, controlled access to point-of-sale (POS) systems and manager approvals or transaction overrides at the POS — offer revenue recovery and operational efficiency opportunities for retailers. For example, the cost of time and attendance inaccuracies, which can be reduced through the use of biometrics, has been estimated at between one per cent and eight per cent of payroll. In preparation for the rollout of biometrics technologies to consumers, retailers often first introduce associatefacing applications such as time and attendance to get employees used to this advanced technology,” said Robert Garf. In addition to biometric payment, fingerprint recognition can improve other consumer-facing applications, such as age verification,

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payroll cheque-cashing or frequent shopper programs, in conjunction with assistedservice or self-service solutions. Schaeffer Named President & CEO, McCain Foods (Canada)

Fred Schaeffer has been named president and CEO of McCain Foods (Canada). He was formerly senior vice-president of Kraft Foods and president of Kraft Canada Inc. “We are immensely pleased that Fred Schaeffer is joining us to lead our Canadian division,” Dale Morrison, McCain Foods Limited president and CEO, said in making the announcement. “His highly successful career in the food industry makes him the ideal person to bring a new vision and vitality to our founding business. Mr. Schaeffer welcomed the challenge of his new position. CCGD Ontario Conference Sets Record The Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors (CCGD) welcomed 1,107 delegates on November 23 to set a new attendance record at its Ontario Regional Conference. Under the theme Winning Together, the annual event at the Toronto Congress Centre built on its reputation as the largest one-day gathering in Canada’s food distribution, foodservice and grocery retail industries.

The result was an unsurpassed opportunity for “winning together” by networking with producers, distributors and retailers. Nick Jennery, CCGD’s president and CEO joined Senior Vice-president David Wilkes on stage to summarize highlights from 2005 of CCGD leadership and advocacy: To help members appraise the business case for supply chain management with radio frequency identification (RFID), CCGD brought the industry together with government and IT partners to create the state-of-the-art Canadian RFID Centre in Markham.

When farmer protests and trucker blockades threatened grocery distribution and jeopardized retail operations, the CCGD team coordinated a joint response from members, political leaders and law enforcement to forestall more protests and minimize business losses. CCGD designed and led the Canadian food industry’s first national crisis response exercise — an unprecedented success. All the major players from government agencies and industry associations were among 160 participants in Ottawa in November.

Advocacy at Queen’s Park by CCGD on Workplace Safety and Insurance Board premiums resulted in a huge win for Ontario members: instead of the expected four per cent increase, premiums dropped 1. 8 per cent. With an eye to the future, CCGD is exploring with members and government the potential for innovation with the ECCNet electronic database. For example, this groundbreaking tool can help solve the challenge of clear, consistent application of the Goods and Services Tax. Nature’s Path Foods Earns Second B. C. Exporter of the Year Honour The No. organic cereal manufacturer awarded in Consumer Products sector It seems appropriate in its 20th year in business that Nature’s Path Foods is named B. C. Exporter of the Year/Consumer Products at a recent awards ceremony. Presented annually, the awards recognize the province’s top 21 exporters. Nature’s Path earned its first Exporter of the Year Award in 1992. 6 WESTERN GROCER Upcoming EVENTS January 25-26, 2006 CCGD Western Conference Supermarket Supports More Humane Treatment of Lobsters Whole Foods Market Inc. has said it may stop selling live lobsters unless it can find a more humane way to treat them.

The organic supermarket chain aims to significantly reduce the long-term storage time many lobsters face after capture and to review handling and shipping methods. It plans to review tank conditions in its stores, with an aim “to mimic conditions of a lobster’s natural habitat. ” Calgary, Alberta – contact Erika Auciello for more information at (416) 922-6228 ext. 331 or e-mail at [email protected]. ca or visit our Web site at www. ccgd. ca January 26-29, 2006 The 25th Annual Guelph Organic Conference Program, plus the Organic Expo Canada & Sampling Fair

Guelph University Centre – Guelph, ON Contact; [email protected]. ca (media) or [email protected]. net (trade) Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers Partners with Association des Detaillants en Alimentation du Quebec Partnership Agreement benefits independent grocers from coast-to-coast. President John F. T. Scott of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) and President Florent Gravel of Association des Detaillants en Alimentation du Quebec (ADA) have made a joint statement, announcing their reciprocal partnership between the two associations. President John F. T.

Scott said, “The reciprocal partnership between CFIG and ADA signifies a closer, tighter relationship with our counterpart organization in Quebec. This partnership will allow CFIG and ADA to be viewed as one organization and one voice to government on national issues that affect the independent grocer in Canada. We truly believe that this collaboration between ADA and CFIG will have a long-lasting impact in benefiting all independent and franchise grocers from coast-to-coast. ” ADA President Florent Gravel commented as follows; “We are very pleased to have concluded an agreement between CFIG and ADA.

We are confident that this new relationship will be long-lasting and beneficial to retailers across Canada. By speaking with one voice on issues of common interest, our demands will be better heard. We welcome this new association with CFIG and are most grateful for their warm welcome at their recent Grocery Innovations Canada trade show and conference in Toronto. I wish us all a lengthy and fruitful partnership. ” The reciprocal partnership agreement between the two organizations allows for both participants to leverage common issues relating to government and industry concerns.

The agreement allows for: ADA members are eligible to participate in CFIG programs and services, joint participation in board meetings, and each association will have a significant representation at key industry events. February 9, 2006 Jack Labrier “Food Execs Founders” Curling Bonspiel Ogden Curling Club 2625 – 78th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB Contact: Jeff Shevchuk Phone: 403-254-4366, or the CFDE Phone: 403-272-0316 February 21, 2006 CCGD Atlantic Conference Holiday Inn Harbourview Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Contact: Erika Auciello Phone: 416 -922—6228 ext. 31 e-mail: [email protected]. ca Web site: www. ccgd. ca February 22, 2006 CCGD Atlantic Conference Halifax, Nova Scotia – contact Erika Auciello for more information at (416) 922—6228 ext. 331 or e-mail at [email protected]. ca or visit our Web site at www. ccgd. ca April 9-10, 2006 Grocery Showcase West Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre, For exhibitor information: Samantha Stutz, Phone: 1-800-661-2344 x 231 e-mail: [email protected]. ca For attendee information: Kimberley Leach, Phone:1-800-661-2344 x 224 e-mail: [email protected]. ca Hemp Food Sales Grow 0 per cent Over Last Year The data on annual retail sales of hemp food in the U. S. , as compiled by Leson & Associates, shows a 50 per cent increase, from an estimated $8 million during the 12-months reference period in 2003/04 to almost $12 million in 2004/05. During the same period, retail sales of hemp body care products grew by 15 per cent from $35 million to about $40 million in 2004/05. The increasing consumer demand for hemp seed for food and body care continues to drive growth in hemp acreage in Canada, the main supplier of hemp seed products to the U. S.

According to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA), the trade association representing all sectors of the Canadian hemp industry, Canadian farmers planted over 24,000 acres of hemp in 2005. This is almost triple the 2004 acreage and six times the 2002 acreage of about 4,000 acres. Canadian farmers are reporting net profits of $200 to $250 per acre and are very pleased to have a successful alternative crop. April 11-12, 2006 1st Annual Votre depanneur Conference & Expo Laval, Quebec Contact: Brenda Jane Johnstone or Margy Wilshire Phone: 204-954-2085 ext. 218 Fax: 204-954-2957 e-mail: [email protected]. net WESTERN GROCER 7