Capital du livre

Capital du livre

I did my training period in the company Bruynfico S. A located Rue prince Baudouin N°67. I took the subway every day to work. I started in 8h30 and finished 17h00 all week. The lunch break in the office start to 12h00 and finished at 13h00 and when I get home I’m feel tired. Bruynfico is a fiduciare. I chose this company because it is the best place to learn all aspects of accounting. We don’t have a department in this company. We have 3 offices: one in Tunisia, another in Lasme (belgium) and Brussels. I worked in Brussels with three staff accountant; i often have a gossip with my colleagues at the lunchtime.

They were nice because I thought that relations between colleagues were just professional. The morning I was filling documents, I speak to customers on the Phone and I faxed the documents to the office in Tunisia. The afternoon I encode purchase invoices, sales, of many customers. I often write letters to the administration of TVA to receive information. I was doing some photocopying but I don’t making transfer of money by bank because it’s not the task of a fiduciaire. I didn’t have the opportunity to use foreign

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languages because all customers were French.

I had to use the French language to answer the telephone and inform customers. What I liked most is the relationship with colleagues. I also liked to have varied task. I liked to do my training period because we have not a homework to do for school and we do not must listen a teacher all the time. It was difficult to return to school because after 6 weeks we do not want to return to school. I think we should keep training period because it allows us to know the world of work but I think that we should be paid at the end of the training period. Training period ( stage)