Bac es anglais 2009

Bac es anglais 2009

Proposition de correction Anglais 2009 filieres S et ES I) COMPREHENSION 1) Alex is Victoria’s son. Algy is Philly Bingham’s husband. Connor is Nancy’s son. Hayden is Nancy’s husband. Rufus is Philly Bingham’s son. 2) Alex, Connor and Rufus get to know each other because they are in the same class. 3) The scene takes place in Nancy’s house, in London, United Kingdom. 4) Nancy used to live in Dallas, in the United States. She has been living in London for only six months. ) Nancy’s home is fully furnished with luxurious items, such as a home cinema, or mahogany furniture, and provides big rooms (ex: “enormous bedroom” line 6). This implies that the Masters are wealthy people since they can afford all those items. 6) a) Nancy’s husband works a lot: he generally goes to work at 6 in the morning and comes back home at 8 pm. b) Nancy insists on the word “morning” because Philly Bingham believed that Hayden generally comes back from his work at 6 in the evening. ) Nancy takes care of her husband’s health by keeping an eye on his diet, preventing him from drinking alcohol during the week and making him do sports

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at the week-end. 8) By thinking this, Victoria certainly means that she finds Hayden’s life boring. She thinks he works too much to enjoy the pleasures of life and spend time doing things he likes. Moreover, she certainly insinuates that Nancy regulates his life too much since she imposes him many life’s rules, which doubtlessly makes his life too strict and not funny. 9) It seems that Nancy has not really adopted yet the English way of life.

She actually seems to miss all the habits she had in the United States since she wants to be dealing with American people exclusively and keeps her accent and American idiomatic expressions. – She had “located the American Library” – She had “signed on with an American doctor” – She wished she would have put Connor in a “US school” – She said “aliens”, an “American term”. 10) a) Ute is Nancy’s au pair and Consuela is Victoria’s one. b) Nancy seems to be much more exacting and hard to please than Victoria. She has been in London for only 6 months and she had already dismissed two ‘au pair’.

By contrast, Victoria has employed Consuela for 5 years. Besides, Nancy is not tolerant at all with her domestic’s difficulties. 11) Philly is more likely to feel closer to Victoria because their sons have been friends for a longer time ( “were old friends”, line 4). Moreover, Philly, as an old-fashioned Englishwoman, did not approve Nancy’s gaudiness way of life ( “on no account would Philly allow into her house a television the size of the one Nancy possessed”). Finally, Philly and Victoria seem to have a bond (they “exchanged a glance”, line 58). 2) You could prefer the title “Pride and prejudice” since Nancy seems to be very proud of her country, and the things she used to have there (a good domestic, a good hairdresser, and so on…). By contrast, she has prejudice against English domestics, French hairdressers, and English way of life in general. Even Philly and Victoria have prejudices against this American woman. II) EXPRESSION Subject 1 a) In the introduction, you could specify that some people enjoy great popularity while others do not. Thus you can ask yourself what are the reasons of popularity.

You can focus your reflection on popularity at school because it will allow you to give some examples of your own experience. Besides, the importance of popularity is much more amplified at this age. You should defend both points of views. I advise you to make the first paragraph on the point of view that is not obviously yours and then make a second paragraph on the idea you prefer. For instance you could organize your essay like this: 1) On one’s hand, popularity is often synonymous with wealth, or even beauty, because people are self-interested.

They want friends who can bring them materialist benefits. 2) But on the other hand, popularity is much more linked to kindness. Don’t forget: – to structure your answer – to give examples. b) In that subject, we ask you a much more personal answer. Don’t hesitate to use examples from your own professional experience, or to talk about your wishes for the future to support your point of view. However, your answer still has to be structured, with an introduction, two or three parties that correspond to each argument, and a conclusion.

Subject 2: In the introduction, you should explain what you think learning and professional training are, and in which context this could come out. It refers to skills and knowledge you should attain for career and personal advancement. This could refer to courses you can follow at the University or at school, but also to practical work external to the University. This could take place before getting your first job or even after several years of professional experience. In some ways, you can use political arguments, but be careful!

Your essay does not have to be too much bold, don’t forget that you can’t know in advance what kind of person your examiner will be. So, use arguments to defend both points of views, even if you can sometimes stand up for an specific idea if you want. The topic has to be based on two main ideas: do the companies have to accept financial responsibility for learning or professional training ? or does it have to be taken on by people themselves ? But you do not have to think the idea of “responsibility” exclusively in terms of “financial responsibility”. You also can refer to the ability to initiate trainings, and so on…